Do I have to cut my trees down to add solar panels?

Not unless you want to.

Mostly, it is about making sure we know how shade will impact performance and design.
We recently had a client who had a nice oak tree that we knew would impact the location of the panels. At Dogwood Solar, we can do a shade analysis which allows us to model system performance: with the tree as is, with the tree trimmed and with the tree removed.

Our client chose to have the tree trimmed and wait to remove it later if they wanted better performance form their solar. They made this choice with complete understanding of how the solar performance would be impacted with the tree remaining.

We’ll never suggest you remove a tree just to add solar. Trees are great and they provide free summertime cooling as well!

What does a Dogwood Solar Shade Analysis look like?

Paul C – Solar Electric – Columbia, MO


These pictures are from phase one of an install we did for Paul on his detached garage in the Old Southwest area of Columbia, MO. His garage had a south facing roof with limited shading from mature trees. Although this offset a significant portion of his electric use, he hired us again in 2015 to add an additional 1.1 kW to get him a Near Zero electric bill on an average annual basis.

System details:
Array Capacity: 3.5 kWdc + 1.1 kWdc
Modules: Sharp / Solar World [Made in USA] Inverters: Enphase M215/M250
Date Monitoring: Enphase Enlighten

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