Weldon & Jo Ann – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Weldon and Jo Ann love natural light. Their home had nice windows but the light did not reach into the core of their house, specifically into their dining room. The second location was the master bath, it was really dark because there were no windows! Their condo on a golf course had a shared fire wall between the units which prevent windows. A VELUX Sun Tunnel is typically the best solution for this challenge.

Dave L – Solar Electric – Columbia, MO


Dave was interested in using part of a field to harvest another type of crop, electricity! We installed the solar panels for this installation just outside of Columbia, MO. Utilizing the existing electric service to the barn helped in keeping the cost low. An added benefit of ground mount solar installation is the space underneath. Dave plans to use it for shade for a picnic table as well as store firewood and his lawn tractor.

System details:
Array Capacity: 8.48 kWdc
Modules: Suniva Optimus 265[Made in USA] Inverters: Enphase M215
Date Monitoring: Enphase Enlighten
Array: 32 modules, 8.48 kWdc 180 (degree)azimuth, 35(degree) tilt

Peter & Lea – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Lea loves natural light. She has remodeled their home several times over the years and each time brought more light in through vertical windows. All three of their bathrooms were still dark and could not have windows added due to their location in the home. We added a 14″ sun tunnel in the master bathroom and a 10″ sun tunnel in each of the other full bathrooms. The impact was dramatic and she can now “winter” her plants in the upstairs bathroom with the abundant natural light.

Paul C – Solar Electric – Columbia, MO


These pictures are from phase one of an install we did for Paul on his detached garage in the Old Southwest area of Columbia, MO. His garage had a south facing roof with limited shading from mature trees. Although this offset a significant portion of his electric use, he hired us again in 2015 to add an additional 1.1 kW to get him a Near Zero electric bill on an average annual basis.

System details:
Array Capacity: 3.5 kWdc + 1.1 kWdc
Modules: Sharp / Solar World [Made in USA] Inverters: Enphase M215/M250
Date Monitoring: Enphase Enlighten

Tony – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Tony saw one of our “before & after” pictures from another sun tunnel installation in Columbia, MO and instantly knew the dark spaces in his house that needed help. The kid’s bathroom had no windows and was in need of more light. The kitchen had windows on the west but much of the light reaching the kitchen was blocked due to a nice screened porch off the kitchen. The use of a sun tunnel brought the light to the spaces that needed it most.

Benton Elementary – Solar Electric – Columbia, MO



Working with their Partner in Education, UPS; Benton Elementary applied for and received a grant they used to add a solar electric system to the school. The panels are visible from an interior stairwell. The Enphase Enlighten portal allows the students to see near real-time data from the array and this information is used to help with the STEM program.

System details:
Array Capacity: 1.5 kWdc
Modules: Sharp [Made in USA] Inverters: Enphase M215
Data Monitoring: Enphase Enlighten

Denny & Nell – Solar Electric – Jefferson City,MO

We were thrilled to work with Denny & Nell installing their solar panels in Jefferson City, MO. Performance of the system was important to the owner as he had completed a lot of research and was well in tune with cutting edge technology and how it benefits him at home. Aesthetics were important for both the owner as well as their neighbors in this country club community. Dogwood Solar ensures the system is professionally installed, looks great, and our installation process does not inconvenience you or your neighbors. We’re ready to do the same for you.


Mike T – Solar Electric – Columbia MO

With the historically low prices of photovoltaic panels [PV], Mike decided he was ready to add solar electric to his home just outside of Columbia, MO.  Dogwood Solar is installing  10kW system in two phases

Jill – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Jill had two bathrooms with no windows.  She had checked into adding windows but the cost of the windows, installation, and siding work was cost prohibitive.  After meeting with Dogwood Solar and discussing options, she chose to have us install two 10″ VELUX Sun Tunnels. One in each of her upstairs bathrooms.

Suzette & Andy – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

Suzette and Andy were looking for a way to brighten their kitchen. Due to the flexibility of placement and excellent light output, a VELUX Sun Tunnel was a great solution.  Dogwood Solar installed a 14″ Sun Tunnel to bring the daylight into their home

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