David & Patsy -Velux Sun Tunnel- Columbia, MO

David and Patsy live in a nice condo around a high end golf course. Their condo’s shared wall left their master bath without an interior window. There was no natural light reaching this space. David and Patsy saw their neighbor’s condo’s sun tunnel being installed and knew they had to have one too. Within their neighborhood, Dogwood Solar installed 13 sun tunnels! David and Patsy decided to add two additional sun tunnels to their dining room. The natural light from the sliding door and front door wasn’t able to reach that space adequately. After the installation of two sun tunnels, David and Patsy have a beautifully lit dining room ready for entertaining guests.


Weldon & Jo Ann – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Weldon and Jo Ann love natural light. Their home had nice windows but the light did not reach into the core of their house, specifically into their dining room. The second location was the master bath, it was really dark because there were no windows! Their condo on a golf course had a shared fire wall between the units which prevent windows. A VELUX Sun Tunnel is typically the best solution for this challenge.

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