Tony – VELUX Sun Tunnels – Columbia MO

Tony saw one of our “before & after” pictures from another sun tunnel installation in Columbia, MO and instantly knew the dark spaces in his house that needed help. The kid’s bathroom had no windows and was in need of more light. The kitchen had windows on the west but much of the light reaching the kitchen was blocked due to a nice screened porch off the kitchen. The use of a sun tunnel brought the light to the spaces that needed it most.

Suzette & Andy – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

Suzette and Andy were looking for a way to brighten their kitchen. Due to the flexibility of placement and excellent light output, a VELUX Sun Tunnel was a great solution.  Dogwood Solar installed a 14″ Sun Tunnel to bring the daylight into their home

Jack & Maria – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

Jack and Maria wanted more light in their kitchen.  Dogwood Solar installed a 14″ VELUX Sun Tunnel which brought in the light they were looking for. While we were there, we also repaired a leaky exhaust hood vent.  Having a great roofer on our team makes small repairs like these easy to address while we are already on the job.

Heather – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

Heather loves sunlight.  Her home lacked the windows necessary to let in as much light as she enjoys. Dogwood Solar installed a total of three VELUX Sun Tunnels in her home. We apologize, due to a technical error, we do not have the before pictures for this installation.


Kate & Mike – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

We met Kate at our booth during the Columbia Earth Day Celebration in 2011.  She shared her frustration of a very dark kitchen.  After our initial meeting and budget discussion, Dogwood Solar installed a 14″ VELUX Sun Tunnel and Kate now enjoys bright, natural daylight in her kitchen everyday

Joleen & Taz – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Ashland MO

Joleen and Taz were looking to bring more light into two poorly lit areas of their home.
Dogwood Solar installed two 14″ Velux Sun Tunnels

The Sun Tunnel in the kitchen adds bright, beautiful sunlight to a well decorated kitchen

Their staircase was poorly lit and there was no lighting at the bottom of the stairs.
The Sun Tunnel not only makes the stairs safer and easier to navigate but also highlights the art on their wall.

Joleen had this to say about the Sun Tunnel over the staircase:

Every time I walk down the hallway I’m reaching for the light switch to turn off the light; but there is no light on.  Guess I need to break the habit of always turning on/off the hall light!

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