Joyce – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia, MO

Joyce first contacted Dogwood Solar to service one of her solar electric inverters. After we completed the repair, Joyce mentioned a need for more natural light. Joyce had a beautiful large window, which provided great light, but she felt she had to keep the curtains closed to ensure her privacy. This loss of natural light frustrated her. Plus, the room was shadowy in places, even with the curtains open. Dogwood Solar suggested adding a 14″ Velux Sun Tunnel. This larger sun tunnel was the perfect size to add the right amount of light to naturally brighten up Joyce’s room. Now the room is bright in all four corners with abundant natural light. Joyce can close those curtains, enjoy her privacy, yet reap the benefits of natural light.

Heather – VELUX Sun Tunnel – Columbia MO

Heather loves sunlight.  Her home lacked the windows necessary to let in as much light as she enjoys. Dogwood Solar installed a total of three VELUX Sun Tunnels in her home. We apologize, due to a technical error, we do not have the before pictures for this installation.


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