Sun Tunnels & Skylights

Sun Tunnels & Skylights

This can include the use of VELUX Skylights or VELUX Sun Tunnels not only to reduce the amount of electricity used during the day, but also to increase the quality and quantity of light in the spaces you use most throughout the day. Additionally, there are proven health and mood benefits associated with getting enough sunlight.

Solar Electric

Solar for my home from Dogwood Solar

Installing photovoltaic [PV] modules can be a great way to reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the electric utility. From small to large, a solar electric system will reduce your consumption of fossil fuels and lower your utility bill. It’s also a great way to charge your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters from Dogwood Solar

According to, “the average household spends $400-$600 per year on water heating – making it the second largest energy expenditure behind heating and cooling”. Installing a solar water heater can reduce the amount of money you spend to heat water by 60-80 percent. Additionally, there may be options to size the system so the solar hot water energy can help heat your home or business.

Welcome to the Dogwood Solar

Welcome to the Dogwood Solar website. Chances are, you found our site while searching for more information for your home or business about harnessing solar energy in Missouri. We invite you to use our site as a resource to learn more about your solar options. Education is our first goal. Helping you gather knowledge and understand how solar energy can be a part of your life is the first step in a mutually beneficial relationship. Visit the About Us section to learn more about our goals and values at Dogwood Solar. Feel free to call or email at anytime with specific questions or fill out our form for a FREE Solar Site Analysis and we’ll schedule it at your convenience.

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