As a professional Solar Contractor, Dogwood Solar requires knowledge, skill, and experience with many different building trades and technologies. Not only do we have to be great at integrating solar, we also have to be sure that your roof, plumbing, and electric systems are safe, meet or exceed code and are designed to fit your needs for years to come. We accomplish this by using great people who are constantly staying in touch with new technology through continuing education.

Dan Shifley

I have owned a commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) supply company for more than a decade. I love what I do and the customers I get to work with. However, my passion is solar. The recent slowdown in commercial construction gave me the opportunity to follow my passion and expand my business operation to include Dogwood Solar. Dogwood Solar is dedicated to the education and implementation of solar energy in Missouri.

I am a NABCEP certified Solar Installer, License # SH092411-20

A little more about me:

  • I love my kids
    I know, this is easy, who doesn’t love their kids, right? It’s more than that. I spend the time and money educating about solar and sustainable living not just for a potential sale, but so people know what they can do to make our planet sustainable and healthy for the generations that will follow. I also love teaching my daughters: letting them help with recycling and explaining why it’s important we do it; talking about why we turn the lights off when we leave the room; explaining how we are using the power from the sun and the benefits we get by using solar. By engraining a sustainable mindset early on, it will forever shape the way they view the world and what their role is in helping make it sustainable.
  • I love solar
    We have an enormous, free energy source and the skills and technology to put that energy to work for us. I am amazed at both how simple it can be to use the sun’s energy as well as how we can use technology to harness even more power from it.
  • I love working with my hands
    It is incredibly satisfying to spend time working with a customer and turn their solar dreams into reality. Stepping back at the end of the day and looking at a new solar installation beside a satisfied customer is a great feeling.
  • I love technology
    I love the benefits of new technology in the solar industry. Good technology makes systems simple to install, simple to operate, simple to monitor, efficient, and reliable.

Fill out the request for a FREE solar site analysis, call us, or email us today. I’d love to help you learn more about your solar energy options.

Chris Ruggiero

Working for Dogwood Solar is a wonderful opportunity to help make the sure that the environment will be safe for my children and their children. I do not consider myself a green person or an extremist for the environment; I just want to do my part in working for a better tomorrow.

I have had many discussions with people asking what they can do to make a difference. To me it’s not what you drive or how you live; it’s your willingness to try to make a difference. I will be the first to tell you that I drive a truck and have a good sized home, but I try to do my part in recycling and making sure the lights are off, and try to limit water use. This is where solar can help your everyday life, it’s clean and there is an endless supply of power that just needs to be harnessed.

With the rising cost of energy and resources being depleted every day, why not use the sun to help cut cost and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels? I know that people think that you can decrease your carbon footprint by driving a hybrid or an electric car. But about a quarter of your gas or electric bill is going to heating your hot water. For a lot less than the price of that hybrid or electric car, you can heat the hot water in your home. If you add a photovoltaic system to your home, just think how much of a difference you could make, to me this is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint.

Adam Davis

Adam is a master plumber with more than 15 years experience. Adam has worked with Dogwood Solar from the beginning and fully understands the unique aspects of the plumbing connections on solar water heaters and shares the belief that aesthetics are as important as function and reliability.

Adam also owns Adam’s Plumbing, LLC based in Columbia, MO and specializes in taking care of those plumbing repairs after 5pm or weekends without a labor premium.

He can be reached at 573-808-4786 or

Mark Lewis

Mark is a very skilled roofer with many years of roofing experience as well as framing and construction. Mark takes exceptional care when working on our installations. He understands the importance of using ice and water shield for our roof penetrations, high quality sealants, and how to properly install the flashings, racking and solar panels to our quality standards.

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