Our goal at Dogwood Solar is to enlighten and educate homeowners and business owners on the value of solar energy options and sustainable choices for today and tomorrow. Our mission starts with education. If we develop a mutually beneficial relationship resulting in utility savings, expansion of our network of sustainable advocates, and a measurable improvement of our individual impact on the environment, then we have completed our mission not only for our generation but also for those who will follow.When we say value, we mean not only the monetary benefit but also the avoided environmental and health costs that result from replacing carbon based fuels with non-polluting renewable energy.

Form and Function

We specialize in beautiful, high performance solar installations. We want you to be proud of how your system looks as well as how it performs.

Respect for Property

We respect your home or business. We take the time to protect the areas where we are working, complete a professional installation, and clean up when we are finished.

Solar Advocacy

We are proud to be involved in community events such as the Columbia Earth Day Festival, Sustainable Living Fair, and the Green Expo. When you visit us at these and other events, we are ready to talk solar.

Our slogan sums it up-

“Helping you achieve: Smaller Footprints, Bigger Pockets, For Generations”

Smaller Footprints

Reducing our dependence on carbon-based fuels in favor of renewable sources.

Bigger Pockets

Simply put, solar saves you money and offers an attractive return on investment. Added advantages are protection from future utility rate increases and significant tax savings.

For Generations

I do this for me, my kids, and their kids. For our future generations.



Making a commitment to help protect our environment and increase our financial legacy in the name of the present and the future is a wonderful opportunity.

   Dan Shifley, Owner

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